about me. my achievements and publications.

Hi! My name is Bálint. I am an IT Architect, a wannabe musician and a traveller. I have studied IT and Telecommunications at the Budapest University of Technology and Economics and I've received my PhD degree in 2014. My employment portfolio includes Amdocs, Vodafone Hungary and Transcom and my main expertise are the telecom IT systems.

global application architect @ transcom (2015-)
senior IT architect @ vodafone hungary (2013-2015)
solution analyst @ vodafone hungary (2010-2013)
lead business analyst @ vodafone hungary (2009-2010)
subject matter expert @ amdocs hungary (2005-2009)
project manager @ mobile innovation center (2005-2009)
phd student @ BME (2005-2014)
it engineer student @ BME (2000-2005)

my music. those saturated hygenic sounds.

I have been experimenting with music since 1996. Here are some samples from this process.

Longest Journey (2015)

01)Leaving Earth (5:34)
02)Over the Gravity Barrier (4:15)
03)Perfect Vacuum (4:28)
04)Ion Thruster (4:40)
05)Cryo (5:30)
06)Interstellar (5:27)

more to come

Gene Pool (2014)

01)Invader (2:30)
02)Demented (4:13)
03)Stargazing (4:33)
04)Hometown (5:05)
05)Ensemble Within (5:11)
06)Photon (4:49)
07)Over and Over (3:53)
08)Peninsula (4:13)
09)Irrational Frequency(5:32)
10)Magic Lake (4:03)
11)Something Stronger (4:53)
12)The End is Near (4:21)
13)Surrender (4:44)

Presaturator (2005)

01)Change (3:25)
02)Speechles (3:49)
03)Silent Regret (6:39)
04)Stop Control (4:40)
05)What's That Sound? (1:45)
06)I Never (5:04)

places i have been to around the world.

I had the possibility to travell to 4 continents and 24 countries in the last couple of years.